Kids for Good: Tickets Available at the Door

Benefiting: Yamba Malawi
Oct 23
Hosted by:Yamba Malawi
October 23, 2016 at 10:30am to
October 23, 2016 at 1:30pm
501 Union map 501 Union St Brooklyn, NY 11231

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Kids for Good: Meet Me in Malawi Leadership

Jamie Bahar  |  Meryl Levin  |  Andrea Saper  |  Jessica Wilpon Kamel  |  Amber Berger  |  Caroline Berley  |  Francesca Bodini  | Julia Eisenstein  |  Rachel Felix  |  Amri Kibbler  |  Lauren Kolchins  |  Ali Kwiat  |  Rachel Levin  |  Stephen Murray  |  Jessica Richards  |  Marianna Strongin  | Dina Wizmur  |  Joey Wolffer

About goods for good

goods for good empowers local communities in Southern Africa to transform orphan care. goods for good approaches orphan care in a revolutionary and sustainable way. By partnering directly with Malawian community centers that care for orphans, goods for good gives communities the resources and industry knowledge required to build successful businesses. In so doing, these community centers become fiscally equipped to support orphan care, all while creating living wage jobs that boost the local economy. So far, goods for good has launched ten community businesses and forty household businesses that have helped provide 95,000 orphans and vulnerable children with the care they need.

With 1.3 million orphans in Malawi, goods for good addresses an urgent need—not by simply providing Malawians with resources, but by empowering them to generate their own. This means more orphans receiving care, more individuals with steady jobs, and more sustainable businesses that create financially stable communities. This means each good is turned into a greater good.

goods for good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


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